Marshall Hampson

Marshall Hampson

Every team needs a leader. The Kings might have the coach for a leader, but they don’t have a standout player to lean on.

Point guard Tyreke Evans, guard Marcus Thorton and power forward DeMarcus Cousins are all averaging more than 14 points per game, but watching them on television is like watching a game of “Hot Potato.”

None of them are wanting the ball like a Kobe Bryant or a LeBron James. Someone on the team should want the ball and call the offense. Evans may be the point guard, but he needs to take charge and be a vocal leader.

Right now, Sacramento is watching a poor professional team. But they have the potential to turn into the 2004 Detroit Pistons. The Pistons had a leader in point guard Chauncey Billups, even though there weren’t any scoring standouts.

The Kings have a bunch of newbies – which is fine for years to come. A coach can train newbies. But a coach can’t make a leader. Being a leader comes from within the players.

Here’s a solution: put a little more faith in Jimmer Fredette. He knows how to lead a team. The 2011 NCAA National Player of the Year would have no problem leading a team. He’s a rookie shooting guard on the bench right now for the Kings, but he led Brigham Young University into the Sweet Sixteen his senior year.

He can do the same thing for the Kings. If Fredette has a bad night, who cares? He started his BYU career only scoring 7 points per game and ended his BYU career with 28.9 points per game. Keep giving him more chances and become a leader.

Sacramento needs a good basketball team to stay in the city. Sacramento needs more “Jimmer Time.”

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