‘Zombie’ a scary, sophomoric good time

Before the 1979 movie Zombie was shown, there was a zombie
olympics. This consisted of musical chairs and the easterbunny head
shoting the zombies and smashing in the heads of the hosts.

Before the 1979 movie Zombie was shown, there was a zombie olympics. This consisted of musical chairs and the easterbunny head shoting the zombies and smashing in the heads of the hosts.

Chanel Saidi

It seems like any excuse to dress up like a zombie flies when it comes to Sacramento residents. Especially when it comes to a slew of Trash Film Orgy devotees.

On Oct. 21, and again the next day, Crest Theater and Trash Film Orgy came together in presenting Lucio Fulci’s 1979 film “Zombie.” With the film’s re-release date set for Oct. 25 and Halloween a few days away, it seems like the perfect time to debut the film.

Christy Savage, a producer for Trash Film Orgy productions, explained why they chose to show “Zombie” for the event.

“We originally did a Zombie Parade and Zombie Bowling in 2001 as publicity stunts to promote the film fest,” Savage said. “Since then, the popularity of zombies has blown up and now zombies have become a ridiculously huge presence in pop culture. We are commonly cited as the creators of the modern Zombie Walk phenomenon.”

For anyone who has never attended a Trashy Film Orgy adventure, it is pretty much a shameless display of humanity. Just imagine all of the things your grandma would consider completely inappropriate and blush at; from girls in short skirts to an excessively cursing pimp running the show.

Then came a pregnant zombie man with a wig bending over and checking out a girls’ ass and giving a thumbs-up to the audience. Followed by a skeleton, which finishes each sentence with “let’s smoke the ganja,” then gets beaten by a murderous bunny.

This event was by far one of the most entertaining theater outings I have been to. The movie itself was cheesy but the experience of watching it with a bunch of not so silent fans was awesome.

“T.F.O. is all about fun. Pure, unadulterated, uncensored grown-up fun for the little kid in all of us,” Savage said.

Entering through the doors of the theater I was greeted with a variety of fun things to do. All moviegoers were able to participate in a mini “Zombie Olympics,” consisting of decorating our own Zombie Medal, the Olympic Lime Toss and the Zombie Shootout.

For the Olympic Lime Toss each contestant was given two feet and a hand to throw through a hole. Zombie Shootout had the most enthusiastic cast of people working the game section. A maze was set up in which zombies would run through the maze while humans would try and shoot the zombies all out. Trying to break the employees characters was far more entertaining than the game itself.

The costume contest was not quite what was expected. The judges favored trashy versions of zombie costumes; the first-place winner was a man dressed as a pregnant zombie.

As the lights flashed to enter the theater everyone was anticipating the best of the worst. The greatest part of the night by far was watching the skit before the film began. Aside from the people who were meant to be in the skit, others who won the costume contest got to participate as well.

An electric Tiki Man pumped up the audience and led them through the evening’s antics.

As the “Zombie Olympics” skit began a pimp greeted the audience with two foxy ladies at his sides. In true trashy fashion the audience cheered and the show would not start until they had satisfied the Tiki Man’s required level of enthusiasm.

Then came the ridiculously funny version of zombie musical chairs. Yes, it was as horribly awesome as it sounds. The zombie’s could barely make it to their chairs on time resorting to biting the chair with their teeth in order to claim it. Following was the five-meter shamble consisting of a cast of 10 zombies being attacked by a gigantic pink bunny.

This bunny was not the cute, cuddle-me kind. It came out with a shotgun which he used to shoot all the zombies before they made it to the finish line, then continued to beat everyone else senseless on stage.

All movies have previews, but ones sponsored by local Trash Film Orgy fans are not the ordinary kind. I would strongly encourage attending the next event to witness the previews, which feature inappropriate humor, naked girls and promises of horrible acting.

When you go to a typical movie adventure the previews ask you to turn off your cellphone and please remain quiet. However the Trash Film Orgy version showcases a guy who is screaming funny comments at the movie.

Even though the film itself was on the corny side, it was made much more enjoyable by the crowd. Scenes that would make you yell obscenities at the screen wondering why on earth anyone would take the actions the actors do at home were yelled out by audience members for the crowd to laugh at.

During a diving scene in which a girl in the film sees a shark in the water rather than attempting to hide she swims right next to the shark freaking out. This caused many people to yell out reactions such as “What the f— is she doing that for! She should get in the damn boat!”

Watching this movie with a bunch of Trash Film Orgy fans was like getting all of my favorite friends together and ripping apart a horrible film at home. It is an experience every college student needs to take part in.

When the Trash Film Orgy has their next event, forget house parties. Forget house parties and other festivities on nights that Trash Film Orgy has an event. Get up, go out and see whatever film they are showing no matter how horrible it looks and get ready to have a blast.

If you are one of those quiet moviegoers who enjoy their peace and quiet while watching a film, an event by T.F.O. is not for you. Be prepared to yell out witty remarks and have the theater join along with your shenanigans for a night that will never be forgotten.

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