Annual spring football game brings optimism

Joe Fleming

The Sacramento State football team played a scrimmage Saturday that featured the “gold” team on offense battling the “green” team on defense.

The weather was overcast and windy, but that didn’t stop the defense in green tops from whipping around the field and delivering big hit after big hit to the offense.

“(The defense) was bringing a lot of heat today and we were kind of struggling with that,” said senior Hornet quarterback Jeff Fleming. “Sometimes the offense takes a little longer to come around and get better, but we’ll be ready for the season.”

Fleming, who did not play in the scrimmage because of a nerve injury to his right arm he suffered last season, said the offense will continue to work hard during the summer months to be ready for their first game Sept. 3 against Oregon State.

He said the injury to his right arm was because of scar tissue build up near his elbow and he has had surgery to correct the problem. Fleming said the rehabilitation is going very well and he should not miss any games at all.

Head coach Marshall Sperbeck said he feels optimistic about the season ahead and was happy with the performance from his defense during the scrimmage.

“We’re at a point now where we’re not going to back down to anybody and we’re going to go fight the fight and see where it all shakes out,” Sperbeck said.

Aside from a couple nice plays from the offense, he said their needs to be more consistency moving the ball down the field – a statement that Fleming echoed.

The team’s defensive coordinator, Anthony Parker, said that players such as senior Zach Nash, sophomore Trent Eskew and sophomore Todd Davis will be important contributors on defense.

“Our guys have really worked hard. Some of the young guys have stepped up,” Parker said. “I think the best thing that came out of our spring is our team unity. The guys are really coming together. Our goal is to be a great team and the rest will take care of itself.”

After the scrimmage was over, the team huddled at mid-field, where Sperbeck spoke to the team.

“The biggest thing you’re going to learn is you have to be resilient. You’ve got to battle through every play,” Sperbeck said. “Overall this has been a pretty good spring.”