On Second Thought: Mountain Lions’ Success

State Hornet

Brad Schmidt

The Sacramento Mountain Lions’ first season has been filled with highs, lows and a great deal of community support.

The Mountain Lions are 2-4 and are coming off a last-minute loss to the Hartford Colonials.

Despite the losing record, the Mountain Lions have received great community support. The average attendance for their home games is 19,500, said Joe Wagoner, the Mountain Lions’ director of business management.

Overall, the community’s continuous support displays the success the Mountain Lions’ are achieving. Being able to have former NFL players such as Culpepper as well as local products like Otis Amey and Marcus McCauley on the roster has proven to be a huge draw.

The fact that it is new and exciting is enough to draw big crowds to Hornet Stadium, but if they don’t start winning on a consistent basis, the attraction will soon fade away.

Alyssa Huskinson

The roaring coming from the Sacramento Mountain Lions den is unmistakable. The players always come out charging, ready to pounce on their competitors.

The success of the Mountain Lions is not their record, but part of their success is the fans.

Although the Mountain Lions are 2-4, the fans in Sacramento are true fans and will continue to support the team. The games are energetic, exciting and can be heartbreaking at the same time.

With players like quarterback Daunte Culpepper and wide receiver Otis Amey, the games are really fun to watch. Amey, who is an alumnus of Sac State, played football for the Hornets and is a two-time All-American.

With only a couple of games left in the season, I recommend youto go the last home game on Nov. 13.

Even with a losing record, the success of the Mountain Lions have been and will continue to be the support of the community.

AJ Taylor

A loss is a loss. The Sacramento Mountain Lions’ 2-4 record does not equal success.

No matter how new the team, or how stiff the competition, a losing record is a losing record.

At the same time a win is a win. And the Mountain Lions have had some successes. In the Mountain Lions’ first-ever home game in Sacramento, quarterback Daunte Culpepper led the Mountain Lions to their first franchise victory in the final seconds of the game, beating the Florida Tuskers 24-20.

The MoLos also lost a close game to the Las Vegas Locomotives, 27-26 – which was decided in the final minute of the game.

The Mountain Lions’ only wins so far this season have come against the Tuskers, but it is not over until it is over and luckily for the MoLos, there are a couple games left.