Dance, drink, party and change a kid’s life

Leia Ostermann

Flappers, hippies and hipsters will all be represented at a decade-themed benefit fundraiser tonight at Club Shenanigans.

Twelve communication studies students planned this charity event as an assignment in an interpersonal communications class to support Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Danny Cox Rehabilitation Fund. This assignment soon became something more poignant since both charities deal with children.

“We all just love kids and want to make a difference in their lives. Even if we just help one person, it will be worth it,” said senior communication studies major and member of the group, Katie Dougherty.

The event is at 9:30 p.m. at Club Shenanigans located at 705 J St. There is $3 door charge for Sacramento State students and $5 for non-students. The event is only for people aged 21 and over.

The event will include dancing, raffles, costume competitions and drinking, Dougherty said.

“We want to have fun and dance and socialize and give money to a good cause,” she said.

The proceeds from this school project will go to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Make-a-Wish Foundation has been around since 1980, granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

“We wanted to donate to a charity for children because we have a lot of little kids in our lives that we love,” said junior public relations major Linda Phoeuk, a member of the group. “Like Katie’s niece and other kids. I love kids.”

In the same class another group was planning to support the Danny Cox Fund with its own event. The group’s project fell through because of on-campus restrictions, Dougherty said. The group wanted to run a lemonade stand, but when this was not allowed, Dougherty decided they needed to join with that group and use this event to support both charities.

“For them not to be able to do that project, it just became very emotional to us,” said senior international communications major Martin Hedayhe, a member of the group.

Hedayhe said the group to support Danny Cox shared the story of how this athletic young man became paralyzed from the neck down when he dove into the shallow waters of Lake Tahoe. There is now a website that helps to support Danny’s recovery and care.

“When someone is around our age group and that athletic and stuff, it kind of hurts since you know that after they are paralyzed they can’t play baseball or basketball or anything they used to do,” Hedayhe said. “It has to take a toll on them.”

Phoeuk said they hope to raise $1,200 to split between the Danny Cox and Make-a-Wish foundations.

This decade-themed event began as a zombie prom but since it was after Halloween, Dougherty thought no one would want to dress scary again.

“We chose a decade theme for the event so that it gives everyone a chance to participate and allows for creativity,” she said.

This way, if people come in normal clothes they can still participate and just be from this decade, Dougherty said.

“We are hoping that people will be very enthusiastic about dressing up cause there are prizes for winners and the prizes are good,” Phoeuk said.

Dougherty plans to go as a “80s girl, complete with tights and wild hair.

Pop culture music will be on most of the night for the dancing, Phoeuk said, but some classic tunes from different decades will also be mixed into the night’s soundtrack to coordinate with the theme.

The event itself will be at a venue that includes a large dance floor, ping-pong tables, drinks and lots of raffle prizes.

“The raffle tickets are only $1 each and will include gift baskets from Starbucks, Best Buy, Ulta, Mac, wine baskets and gift cards to places like Forever 21,” Hedayhe said.

This raffle will continue every 30 minutes all evening, so that hopefully everyone can walk away with something fun, he said.

Hedayhe said the point of this charity event is to raise money, but he wants to make sure that everyone who attends also has a great time.

“A lot of charities you go to &- I mean, guess you could say you do have a good time. But not really,” Hedayhe said. “This is two charities in one event with good times and a good atmosphere.”

This project has been in the process since early October. Since then, all 12 members had to stay very organized so that they could coordinate together, Dougherty said.

The event has a Facebook group called “The Miracle Happeners” where you can find out more about the event and purchase pre-sale tickets and raffle tickets. The event is also being promoted by Channel 13, Sacramento News & Review and through the coordinator’s classes.

“The most emotional part will be the turnout of the event,” Dougherty said. “To see people come and support for a good cause will be so wonderful to see.”

Leia Ostermann can be reached at [email protected]